• Skill Set Partners works with your associates by enhancing their skill set to a improve your business. Whether you are a corporate, small or family business; non-profit or government agency; or a municipality or county, we have services to take your employees to the next level. Private, public, or conference session are available to provide you with the flexibility you need. An initial consult will allow us to determine how we can empower your employees to provide the maximum benefit to your organization.


  • As budgets continue to shrink, grant writing becomes necessary to provide funding for programs and facilities to communities as they serve their clients. Whether you're a first-time or experienced grant writer, the task of preparing a successful grant proposal can be intimidating. Read More

  • As state and federal budgets change, so do the ways agencies and organization go about raising funds to provide services. Many organizations do not utilize all the resources available to maximize their funding sources. Skill Set can examine your current programs and offer.
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  • Non-profit boards are the heart of the organization. Is yours healthy? All board members should be comfortable with their roles, the role of the staff, the vision and mission of the organization, and the strategic plan for the future. Read More

  • Skill Set can provide a variety of services to fit your grant writing needs from research to writing to editing. We can also work with your staff to create a unique data collection file that will allow your organization to have 75-80% of the grant done before you even read the guidelines. Read More

  • Through a 360° feedback survey questionnaire, your associates will review their listening skill set and then ask 6 clients, colleagues, or supervisors to complete a similar survey on their behalf. Skill Set will determine the perceived listening skills of your associates, provide a planning tool to improve those skills. Read More