Grant Writing Services

Does your organization need money?

Confused and baffled by grant guidelines?

Do you want to make a positive difference in your community?

Skill Set Partners can help you access needed funding, clarify grant guidelines and provide a map to successfully promote positive influence in your community.


Our team is dedicated to your success.

grantservicesWe have trained staff who can research, write, or edit grant proposals to achieve these goals. Our team is available to help you design, promote and attain project completion to enhance your organization and community. We are dedicated and committed to the success of communities and their non-profit and agency partners.

However, as good community stewards we do not want to just write. We want to teach organizations as we assist them and link them to other community resources and partners needed for successful funding. We are there for those who are novice writers and strive to put them on a path to self sufficiency in the grant arena. For those who need guidance and tips to take them to the next level, we have what you need as well. While clients are our business, our ideal would be to share our knowledge to allow organizations and agencies to expand the services and programs available to their communities. One piece that our team leaves behind to implement this goal is the essential data components needed to prepare future applications.

To schedule an on-site workshop, please contact us at 540-448-3302 or by email at listen@skillsetpartners.com.