Grant Writing Classes

To schedule a class please contact Susie Miller at 540-448-3302 for pricing and date availability. Course sizes can vary from 10-40 or in a lecture or conference setting for up to 75. The Grant Writing workshop is a 14 hour course that can be tailored to fit within conference sessions or community workshops. Ms. Miller can work with you to determine the content best suited for your audience.

There are a variety of hosting options including public workshops. Skill Set Partners works across the country to help non-profits, businesses, and agencies take their growth to the next level.


Grant Writing Seminars

Do you want to make a positive difference in your community?

Does your organization need money?

Confused and baffled by Grant Guidelines?

These two day workshops will teach: effective writing techniques; how to find funding sources that match your needs; the main components of all applications; and the tools and data that can be collected in advance to complete a major portion of all applications before your ever see the guidelines.


You may have heard it before,
but many dollars are waiting for your project.

grantworkshopsIf you want insider secrets on Grant Writing and a surprisingly entertaining time learning essential, practical and proven techniques, then join our trainers for their years of experience with successful grant proposals, community organization and real life community enrichment projects.

The techniques that our trainers present will clarify, simplify, and expedite your ability to appropriate funding. We will share with you the essential components of organizing, structuring, and presenting a project for successful grant funding & program execution.

Grant Writing Training provides a new and exciting perspective on grant writing, cutting through the red tape and unveiling the mysteries of the grant procuring process.

When you attend, you will learn, and you can’t help but have a great time in the process. Fascinating exemplary case studies will be presented, reviewing how grants were procured, managed, executed, and successfully renewed. By the end of day two, you will have taken all the pieces of the grant puzzle and assembled them into your own grant application ready for submission. It is exciting to see your project in action, achieving its goals and enriching your community. Don’t let funding be an obstacle to realizing your project’s goals.

To schedule an on-site workshop, please contact us at 540-448-3302 or by email at listen@skillsetpartners.com