Listening Skills 360 Workshop

In a meeting, do you feel that the information is being received?

Do your associates feel that they are heard?

Do your clients perceive that you hear their requests?


Through a 360° feedback survey questionnaire, your associates will review their listening skill set and then ask 6 clients, colleagues, or supervisors to complete a similar survey on their behalf. Skill Set will determine the perceived listening skills of your associates, provide a planning tool to improve those skills, and provide tips for more effective listening.


Our two-hour Listening Skills Seminar will:

  1. listeningskillsAllow awareness of specific listening practices.
  2. Provide an analysis, reflection and acceptance of feedback report.
  3. Identify personal areas of strength and opportunities for growth.
  4. Assist in the creation of a personal plan of action for improved listening development.
  5. Reveal where your perceived listening style fits into a group dynamic.


To schedule an on-site workshop, please contact us at 540-448-3302 or by email at listen@skillsetpartners.com